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1.0 Bluetooth iPad Keyboard Case

1.0 Bluetooth iPad Keyboard Case

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Turn your iPad into a MacBook with the Keyboard Case anytime, anywhere. It's the most affordable & convenient way to add a Keyboard, Touchpad,and Case to your iPadThe touchpad supports multiple gestures giving you full laptop functionality.

Our most versatile keyboard case yet. It has multiple gestures touchpad, a 360-degree rotation, 180-degree flip functionality, and much more. All these are from a single keyboard case.


  • Touchpad: Supports multiple gestures for full laptop functionality.
  • Backlit Keys: 7 color backlit options.
  • Auto sleep/wake function: Wake your iPad just by opening the case and make it go to sleep by closing it.
  • Multi-angle viewing: A 360-degree horizontal rotation and 180-degree flip adjustment for more comfortable viewing.
  • Apple Pencil holder: A built-in Apple Pencil holder.
  • Precise holes & cutouts: Easy access to buttons, speakers, and camera for unhindered use.
  • Battery: 450mAh Built-in Lithium-ion battery
  • Working time: 4-5 hours if backlit turned on, 100 hours if backlit turned off
  • Charging time: 2-3 hours
  • Bluetooth: Version 5.1
  • Touchpad compatibility: iPadOS Version 13.4 and above

Finding Your iPad Model

iPad Models

Model Numbers

PRO 11'' (2021)

A2377, A2459, A2301, A2460

PRO 11'' (2020)

A2228, A2068, A2230, A2231

PRO 11''(2018)

A1980, A2013, A1934, A1979

AIR 4 / AIR 5

A2316, A2324, A2325, A2072, A2588, A2589, A2591

PRO 10.5'' / Air 3

A1701, A1709, A1852, A2152, A2123, A2153, A2154

10.2'' (2019/ 2020/ 2021)

A2197, A2200, A2198, A2270, A2428, A2429, A2430, A2602, A2603, A2604, A2605

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Luc R

Perfectly pad and case are not combined so it is a bit rattled. It is also a bit heavy. But the Bluetooth connection is very good, and once you connect it, you just press the keyboard a few times after that. I like it because it's up and going. It is a satisfactory product. I recommend it!

A Kunze

Very well done, and beautiful, and perfect fit

C Heaney

Great stuff


I'm very impressed with the keyboard case, it's well made, fits perfectly, the battery holds for long, really good stuff

Rosalyn Z

I liked quite good quality